Who we are

We are a multilingual team of strategic thinkers, problem solvers and change makers.

We cooperate with fundraising experts from all over the world and provide our clients with exclusively cutting-edge solutions.

Tatevik Tadevosyan

Tatevik Tadevosyan

Founder & CEO

Piruza Petrosyan

Piruza Petrosyan

Grants manager

Lilit Tadevosyan

Lilit Tadevosyan


Lilit Khachatryan

Lilit Khachatryan

Legal counsel


Hiring an intern!

To join the team upon successful completion of the internship

We are looking for an intern to join the team of fundraisers for four months. Upon completion of the internship, we expect the intern to become a junior fundraising specialist and to join our dynamically growing team as full-time employee.

Workload of 20 hours per week. Do not apply if you have another job currently, as this will be an intense learning and practical experience requiring your full attention.

We offer
Fundraising education materials for the intern (online courses, training, etc.)
Access to all meetings with clients and prospective clients to learn on the ground
Network building
Given the internship’s successful completion, we shall offer you a job

Core Competencies Required 
Excellent knowledge of Armenian and English languages (proof of the non-native language knowledge is required)
Good school math knowledge 
Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel)

About Soft Skills
We understand that you are young and intelligent and have plenty of time to develop  soft skills. Hence, we are ready to motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

Ready to join?
Apply and make sure you research how to send an email correctly (some tips).

Please send your CV (an online tool for making a CV) and a short essay (max 500 words) about your personal and career goals for the next five years to [email protected]g

Send a CV and motivation letter to [email protected]

Why we started

Since 2012, I have worked for various non-profit organizations in Armenia.I observed that many struggle with financial stability-related issues. Due to lack of funds, some even had to close permanently. I decided to create a company that would assist non-profits in diversifying their sources of funding, training their fundraisers to be more successful, and becoming the independent, financially stable pillars of a robust civil society in Armenia.

In June 2022, I stumbled into a podcast from EVN Report, where Edele Hovnanian, the creator of Birthright Armenia and president of the H. Hovnanian family foundation, was speaking about her experience working with Armenian non-profits. She focused on three fundamental challenges: lack of development teams, prepared proposals, and big dreams in most Armenian non-profits. In essence, non-profits encounter the same internal difficulties while attempting to become financially sustainable.

This interview reaffirmed my belief that the field needs radical changes. I was inspired to address each issue one at a time and go even further by making Armenia a success story that developing nations all over the world might emulate.

Hence, since August 2022, FundForce’s team of changemakers has embarked on a journey of developing the fundraising capacity of Armenian non-profits and several government entities, planning to become an organization that will export development know-how to other developing countries in two years.

Tatevik T.