We provide a full cycle of raising funds from institutional donors (governments, international organizations, private foundations, and other grant-giving organizations), starting from identifying the client’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, and ending with the preparation of the last narrative and financial reports.

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Before launching cooperation, we meet our future clients (online or offline). During the 1.5-2 hour meeting,  we map the client team’s fundraising needs and abilities. Based on our analysis of the situation, we provide fundraising strategies, tools, and, if necessary, potential structural or strategic adjustments that would increase the company’s donor-friendliness and raise more money customized to the organization’s needs.

Every week, we send to our clients a comprehensive list of open calls for proposals that match their areas of interest. The topics of interest are determined throughout the consultation process in collaboration with the client and are subject to revision each week during the retrospective call.

The proposal development process consists of five steps and leads to the creation of a complete proposal package that meets all donor/call requirements and presents the proposed project and the project team in the best possible light. If the application is online and requires additional technical skills to make the submission, we also provide full support throughout the submission process.

Step 1. Interview and eligibility check
Step 2. Technical documentation
Step 3. Proposal writing
Step 4. Proposal review and finalization
Step 5. Proposal submission

The following three elements make up the grant management process: 1. Grant administration (creating the project-action plan and ensuring the team achieves its objectives promptly and within the allocated budget); 2. Donor Relationship Management (serving as the donor’s point of contact, planning visits, creating project materials upon request, and routinely including donors in project-related or other team-client activities); 3. Reporting (creating narrative, financial, and progress reports in accordance with the reporting schedule for the project).



These services are designed for organizations and agencies who already have a team or individual committed to fundraising (an in-house fundraiser, an employee who is responsible also for a applying for grants, a PR team that also conducts donor relationships, and such alike).

Book your free consultancy on how to fundraise effectively for your company or your project.

We provide the capacity and need assessment of the company and the fundraising team/individual. Based on that a tailored training and mentorship program is being offered. The program typically lasts two to three months.

We arrange a 2- to 3-day retreat when our specialists study all the specifics and the history of the client’s prior fundraising and donor-relationship activities, in order to design a 1- to 2-year fundraising strategy for them. Within two weeks, our team of specialists produces the strategy based on the retreat’s findings and sends it electronically to the customer. To present the plan and answer questions, the expert will also meet the client’s team in person or online upon request.

By placing one of our top professionals in the client organization for three months, we provide the most comprehensive bundle of fundraising tools, techniques, and strategies as part of this service. Alongside our expert, the client’s team will conduct several in-depth needs and capacity assessments during those three months. They will also create sample proposals (case for support), develop effective and donor-appealing messaging, develop a fundraising strategy and action plan, build a donor database, and use CRM tools for donor communication, cultivation, and solicitation. During those three months, the team will be joined by different specialist experts in more specific disciplines of fundraising who will offer their knowledge and expertise.