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Mission: To help non-profits to become financially sustainable by raising funds for their cause and developing their fundraising capacity.

Vision: We aim to become the primary exporter of know-how in the world for nonprofit development.

FundForce is a team of local and international experts specialized in fundraising and non-profit development. We help our clients become financially resilient in furthering their cause.

Our team is multilingual and multinational, working remotely from Armenia, France, Austria, The UK, and The USA.

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If you represent a non-profit organization, a CSO, or a    government entity of a developing country, then any questions you may have about fundraising can be addressed to us.

Becoming a client of FundForce means also becoming a part of a big community of change-making organizations that are continuously learning, sharing experiences, and growing stronger.

Periodically, we arrange networking gatherings for them and make partnership suggestions within the framework of certain grant requests.

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Usually, it takes about 6–12 months for a non-profit to receive its first grant, however, it will heavily depend on the existing relationships with donors, the capacity of the team, and the project history. Fundraising is a time-consuming process that requires dedication, consistency, and professionalism.

It will range from 8 to 30, depending on your field of work, the team’s capacity, and project history.

Your contribution is necessary, however, rather limited. During the initial interview, you will be asked about your project, team, and fundraising history, among other things. In addition, we will ask you to submit the legal, financial, and other technical documents required by the donor, as well as to take part in 1-2 meetings (typically online) in order to elaborate further on the project ideas and envisioned activities. Overall, it will take up to 2–4 hours and save your team several weeks.

No. Only donor stewardship-related functions are covered by the grant management package. Particularly, it includes the following 3 directions:

Grant administration (creating the project-action plan and ensuring the team achieves its objectives promptly and within the allocated budget)

Donor Relationship Management (serving as the donor’s point of contact, planning visits, creating project materials upon request, and routinely including donors in project-related or other team-client activities)

Reporting (creating narrative, financial, and progress reports in accordance with the reporting schedule for the project)

The detailed structure of the strategy will be designed based on each organization’s needs, and it will almost always iclude: needs assessment; fundraising goals for the next 1-2 years; the most effective fundraising channels and tools for the client; and a fundraising action plan.

By purchasing any of our services, you gain the opportunity to become part of a big community of changemakers. Upon approval, you may begin receiving newsletters about our clients – non-profits, and governmental organizations that are making a significant impact in their respective fields, as well as the opportunity to share your experience and your story with them. This will enable you to get in touch with and work together with any group or entity in our network of changemakers.